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  Miss Bourbon at her book release party. © Steffi Dittrich




Denice Bourbon






Stories of a Fabulous

Queer Femme in Action





Softcover, 366 pages

ISBN 978-3-902902-07-8

EUR 19,95 / USD 26,95 (inkl. USt. / incl. VAT)



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Denice Bourbon, No. 1 diva of Vienna’s queer avant-garde and notoriously trash-mouthed columnist, tells it all. Yes. – It! All!


From her lesbian awakening, through her years of radical feminist activism, to her current career as a burlesque artist, her stories are as crazy as they are hilarious. Fortunately she can provide plenty of proof, which will stop everyone wondering whether she has in fact just made everything up.

Well, she hasn’t.


Cheers! is a witty, self-deprecating memoir of true-to-life observations about sex, politics, and (non-)stardom.


This is as fabulous as it gets, darlings!



"I very clearly remember a specific school assignment on the topic 'What I wanna be when I grow up'. The other kids wanted to be firefighters and nurses, and I was genuinely surprised that their dreams were so ... I don’t know ... 'small'. I wrote, 'When I am 25, I will be a very successful singer and actress, and the whole world will love me. Like Madonna, but a better actress.' (Please have mercy on me, Madonna!)"



Denice Bourbon,



She is a singer, writer, burlesque artist, entertainer, performer, diva, punk, and amateur DJ.


She is also way too young to be writing her memoirs, but hey, she was a songwriter at thirteen, a smoker at eight, and a drag queen at four …





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